Make Your Car Feel as Cool as It Looks

Air conditioner repair will keep you comfortable on the road

Are you sick of your legs sticking to the seats of your car? Maybe you dread driving when the weather heats up. Driving with a broken air conditioner is miserable - especially during the summer. You can bring your vehicle to Rusty's Garage LLC for diagnosis and AC repair.

Don't sweat through the summer. Visit our auto repair shop today for efficient air conditioner repairs.

Air conditioner problems can throw off your day

If your air conditioner is blowing out warm air or just doesn't seem as effective as usual, it's time to visit a mechanic. You could be dealing with one of several issues. Your air conditioner might need more freon or a recharge - both simple fixes. If that doesn't help, we'll check your valves and look for leaks. No matter what the cause is, we'll solve the problem.

Discuss your air conditioner issues with us now. You can reach us by calling 607-239-5011.